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Welcome to WeFundTrade!

WeFundTrade provides unsecured funding for international trades. Use our money to buy the stock you need, giving you the resources to focus on running your business.

A common problem with banks and other financial institutions is that they make the process of accessing finance unnecessarily restrictive for business owners. If you don't have enough assets or a certain level of profit, they won't give you any money. Applying is a real pain in the proverbial donkey.

Looking for finance becomes frustrating and depressing. It creates uncertainty around how you're going to pay for things your business really needs, and creates a real concern about the future of your business.

We're here to change that. Here at WeFundTrade we work closely with your business providing clever non-debt trade funding that really helps your business grow.

We don't require real estate, equity or personal asset security to access our facilities, so no more worrying about losing your home.

How it works: we actually buy the goods you want directly from your supplier, then on-sell them to you on your preferred payment terms. This gives you valuable time to get the cash into the business to pay for the stock, reducing funding pressures.


No director or personal
guarantees required...

For all trade finance facilities between US$ 100k and US$ 5M, WeFundTrade does not require personal security or guarantees from company directors and owners.


The first on demand of personal fianaces

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More than 700k happy user around the world

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Try it 30 days before going to Pro plan

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How does it help my business?

WeFundTrade's funding options allow you to choose when you pay for the goods your business needs. This helps you to close the working capital gap and have more money to invest in other parts of the business.

Quick Application

Fast low document online application process, which means having more time to do other essential things your business needs.

No Collateral Required

Get funding without real estate or personal asset security. No more stressing about losing your assets when times get tough!

Categorised Non-Debt

We purchase stock on your behalf, then sell it to you via a sales contract, not effecting existing debt levels.

Delay Supplier Payments

Using WeFundTrade allows you to pay on your terms. Providing you extra cash in the bank to use for other essential expenses.

$100,000 to $5,000,000

Apply for trade funding and get the right amount your business needs. We grow with you, and limits usually increase over time.

Customer Portal

Web based easy access customer management tool. Activate and oversee new orders and trades from anywhere. Freeing up time.

From 30 to 120 days

Deferred payment terms allow you to manage your cashflow, so you have more control.

Improve Supplier Terms

By being able to pay your suppliers immediately, giving you kudos to work with the best ones, meaning no more quality or supply issues.

Improve Sales & Revenue

We help you purchase more stock than you normally would, giving you more to sell, meaning healthier revenues.


Our Trade Funding Products:

1. International Trade Funding

WeFundTrade's unsecured trade funding is a unique and tailored solution for businesses wanting to fund imports.

The application process will only take 5 minutes and won't cost you anything until you're approved and ready to go, so you're not wasting time or money on yet another application, which means you can get on with what's important, like running your business.

Once approved, you will be able to access funding to procure goods from international markets with the added cash flow benefit of deferred payment terms, which means you'll have more cash in the business to spend on other essential items.

WeFundTrade purchases the goods from your international suppliers on your behalf, on-selling them to you via a new sales contract. Having this undertaking of payment gives your suppliers a stronger guarantee on payments, and also benefits your supplier relationships.

Our facilities are unique in that they are a growth enabler, liberating cash flow through deferred payment terms without any impact to existing bank facilities.

Get in touch with one of our team members to discuss or simply apply online now.

2. Export Funding

WeFundTrade understands the unique requirements of exporters. Having the flexibility to be able to to offer attractive payment terms to your buyer is often an integral part of winning an order.

Our export funding facility allows exporters to maintain positive cash flow cycles (get paid FOB / EXW) up to 120 days.

When goods are ready for shipment, WeFundTrade purchases the goods from you via a new purchase agreement, on-selling them to your buyer via a new sales contract, inclusive of any agreed deferred payment terms. This improves liquidity, bringing forward much needed cash flow.

Our facilities are unique in that they are not traditional debt, and when activated, do not impact existing bank facilities.

No fees to pay unless asset import facility is approved and activated

Get in touch with one of our team members to discuss or simply apply online now.

3. Asset Import Funding

WeFundTrade's asset import funding is a unique and tailored solution for businesses wanting to fund heavy asset imports. We provide unsecured non-debt trade finance to importers and exporters around the world.

Your business, once approved, will be able to access funding to procure heavy equipment from international markets where domestic asset finance providers are unable to facilitate the import of the equipment. WeFundTrade steps in and facilitates this leg of the transaction.

WeFundTrade will purchase the equipment on your behalf, on-selling it to you via a sales contract, supported by a pre-approved domestic asset finance facility.

Our funding options are unique in that they are an enabler to access critical equipment for your business.

No fees to pay until asset import funding is approved and activated

Get in touch with one of our team members to discuss or simply apply online now.

What kind of companies do you fund?

Our funding is available to small and large businesses from almost every industry. If you import or export anywhere in the world, our flexible trade funding solutions are the answer to your scaling needs. Some examples...

Client: Shoe Manufacturer

  • The Challenge: A rapidly expanding online shoe manufacturer needed access to funds to expand their business. Their bank was not providing additional funding without security support.
  • The Solution: WeFundTrade provided US$ 600k within 30 days. No collateral required from client. 
  • The Result: Client was able to fulfil seasonal orders and meet factory production expectations. As a non-debt solution there was no impact on bank lending facilities.

Customer: Multi-National Tyre Importer

  • The Challenge: Our customers wanted to release collateral that was tied up in their factory. This allowed them to secure deferred payment terms. Customer also needed to increase purchasing levels to trigger volume discounts with their supplier.
  • The Solution: Facility of $1M provided that allowed client to pay supplier FOB.
  • The Result: Client was able to retain collateral, and maintain supplier satisfaction through their own improved cash flow. Also triggered volume discounts resulting in increased profit margins.

Client: Bicycle Distributor

  • The Challenge: Client needed more lines of credit on top of their existing bank facilities. Due to collateral restraints, client was unable to secure extra funding from their bank.
  • The Solution: WeFundTrade secured client a $400k facility.
  • The Result: Client was able to purchase stock from Italy that they wouldn't have been able to purchase otherwise, thus improving stock levels and increasing revenue due to high demand in the market place.

Client: Marble Importer

  • The Challenge: Client unable to get trade finance from bank to import marble from China. This was a result of the client's business not having the necessary assets to use as collateral.
  • The Solution: WeFundTrade was able to provide client with a $200k unsecured trade facility.
  • The Result: Client was able to order the stock required without selling equity in their business and increase revenue by 200%.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Simply complete an Application Form and attached copies of your financials.

How long does it take to get approved?

On average it takes 30 days for approval. Each application is investigated and approved by our friendly team who will be in contact once you're applied.

How come you don't require collateral?

WeFundTrade uses a combination of minimum deposits, the value of the goods being purchased and an insurance mechanism which enables us to help businesses without the needing collateral obligations.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. 2 international funded trades.

What currencies does WeFundTrade trade in?

We facilitate trades in US Dollars (US$), Chinese Yuan (CNY) and Euros (EUR).

What fees do you charge?

Activation Fee: Once you have been approved for a facility, and you accept the terms by signing an offer letter, you are required to pay a one-off Activation Fee.

Annual Fees: There are no annual administration fees.

Late Fees: In the event that payment is not received by the due date, late payment fees will be applied to the account.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes we do. If you are an accountant, financial advisor or freight forwarder, you can join our Affiliate Program and earn revenue streams by referring clients to WeFundTrade. Please email us at hello@wefundtrade.com for more information and requirements.

What types of documentation are required for Trade Finance approvals?

To ensure a smooth application and approval process for your trade funding, it's beneficial to have clear, compliant documentation.  You will be required to submit sales documentation such as Pro Forma Invoices and Sales Contracts. The more contact, product and transactional information the better.

As part of WeFundTrade's Know You Customer ('KYC') and Anti-Money Laundering ('AML') policies, you will have to provide proof of identity and ownership of the business as part of your application process.

If you are an exporter, we recommend that you utilise our official documentation partner IncoDocs to ensure a smooth and fast trade process. As a WeFundTrade customer you receive a discount on your IncoDocs subscription. Create your 14 day free trial here.


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